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Launching the Women In Robotics Directory


When I was working as a conference organizer, my primary struggle was to find great people to speak on subjects chosen for the conference. It’s one of the best jobs on Earth : all you have to do is listen to conferences, wether on the internet (thank you youtube, thank you so much) or in real life (and this means you ... Read More »

What I Learned This Week – WILTW #4


Robotics and AI related NASA Wants to Send Surgical Robots Into Space: Robotics AND Space, what could be better to inspire a future generation of engineers? Ok, I’m enthusiastic, but I have every right to be: if this works, this could be a huge step for humanity. Performing a surgery without gravity, that’s tough – but performing tele-operated surgery, that’s ... Read More »

Une expérience féministe sur les réseaux sociaux


Nous sommes le 27 janvier 2015. En fouillant dans mes favoris, je clique sur un lien qui ne me dit plus rien : Twee-Q. Et apprends que “@aratta retweeted 83% men and17% women.” Avec un petit commentaire acerbe de la part du site : “Oops, this user really has a tilted balance between the retweeted sexes… Find some more female tweeters to follow ... Read More »