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What I Learned This Week – #WILTW 8


Last week, I learned about the manufacturing of the cutest robot toy ever, the first eye-surgery performed by a robot, the fact that robocars are not likely to happen BUT driverless buses just MIGHT, and many different opinions about robotics & jobs (see you in a hundred years to cut it short). Robotics and AI related No code neural network: ... Read More »

What I Learned This Summer – WILTW #7


Well well well, time flies. WILTW #6 was published at the very beginning of July. Nearly one month, one pertussis, and one failed vacations (thank you whooping cough) later, 92 articles are starred in my Feedly, impatiently waiting for the debrief. I wasn’t expecting summer to be so interesting in term of news and announcement – july and august proved ... Read More »

What I Learned This Week – WILTW #6


I thought that July was going to slow down on announcement and news, but this week has just proven me wrong… Robotics and AI related Last week we saw that the escape of Promobot might be voluntary, to gain in popularity. My 6th sense was right: Promobot, according to SK.Ru (they translated the news quickly in english), is happy to announce ... Read More »